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While many of your users prefer getting their account information via the Internet or their mobile devices, some undoubtedly are more comfortable with the familiarity of their touch tone telephones or maybe they simply want this delivery channel as an additional option. For these users, WWIS e-Suite offers a robust Audio Response solution that provides user-friendly, around-the-clock access to account information from any touch-tone telephone.

WWIS e-Suite’s vTeller system can free up your staff resources by assisting users basic requests such as balance inquiries and funds transfers. Your staff can instead focus on user-specific services and opportunities, enhancing overall user satisfaction and increasing retention. And, since WWIS e-Suite’s vTeller system is a fully-hosted solution, it eliminates costly, on-premise equipment and seamlessly interfaces with your existing data processing platform. vTeller will empower your users to bank on their terms — how they want, when they want.

Highlights of the system include:

Smart Menus

Enables users to automatically hear the menu options they select most frequently

Smart Messages

An add on feature that enables your financial institution to create customized marketing messages to specific account profiles

Marketing messages

Easily create custom marketing messages to promote new products, services and special offers

Account and event alerts

Users select the types of alerts they want to receive and can make a wide range of transactions by phone; event alerts to help users track birthdays, anniversaries and more

Two factor authentication

Add on module available to provide even more heightened security