• mTeller White iPhoneCapture Your Share of the Mobile Banking Market

    Worldwide's eSuite Mobile Banking Benefits:

    • Attract Gen Y and Net Generation markets
    • Drive new revenue streams
    • Compete more effectively
    • Reduce cost of paper transactions
    • Deepen relationships with existing users
    • Encourage eco-friendly practices

  • mTeller Black iPhoneStandard Features:

    • Balance and history inquiries
    • Inter-account transfers
    • Loan payments
    • Bill payments
    • Advanced security
    • Platform independent - any phone, any carrier
    • Adjusts to accommodate different cell phone screen configurations
    • Interface to 35+ data processing vendors via batch or online/real time
    • Integrated with our other eSuite products like iTeller, vTeller, and Bill Pay solutions

  • mTeller Black iPhone - Account Summary Page

    Worldwide's eSuite and Mobile Banking solution is a great addition to our credit union’s remote account access services. Our users find it easy to use, 24/7, right from their cell phone. They tell us how they come to depend on it to quickly check an account balance, pay a bill or make a transfer, particularly if they are on the road, or shopping to cover an unexpected purchase. We are very pleased that we can deliver next generation services like this that enable us to not only reach out to brand new markets, but offer advanced services to our existing users as well.

    — Jane Meyers

    CEO, Ocala Community Credit Union, Ocala, Florida

  • mTeller Mobile BankingMobile banking is becoming one of the fastest growing delivery channels available through which financial institutions can capture new business—especially the business of Generation Y and the Net Generation. These demographics are going to be essential to your financial institution's continued growth and success. That’s why our Mobile Banking solution is so important to your service offering.

    Worldwide's eSuite Mobile Banking delivers the turnkey simplicity of our fully-hosted Online Banking service, while offering your users the freedom to do their banking anytime, anywhere from their web-enabled phone or PDA. From accessing account balances to making funds transfers and loan payments, your users can bank at their leisure without being tied to a computer. Worldwide's Mobile Banking solution will allow your financial institution to stay on the move with its fast-paced users.

  • eSuite Mobile Banking Highlights:

    • Platform independent

      Any phone, any carrier

    • Browser adjusts to each device

      Delivers the best experience to accommodate the device’s screen size configurations

    • Integrated

      With  Worldwide's eSuite iTeller, Bill Pay and vTeller solutions for a consistent user experience

    • Full range of mobile transactions

      Includes balance inquiries, alerts, inter-account transfers, bill payments and more

    • Advanced security

      SSL encryption, user-selected IDs and PINs, two-factor authentication


With more than 200 million cell phones in use today and predictions of mobile banking users topping 40 million plus by 2012, your financial institution must be at the forefront of the mobile banking explosion now to take advantage of this prolific and lucrative channel. With its sophisticated features and ease of use, our Mobile Banking solution called mTeller will help your financial institution get in on the action.

mTeller solution delivers robust capabilities that give your users the freedom to conduct their banking anytime, anywhere from their web-enabled phone or PDA.

Whether accessing account balances to transferring funds or making a loan payment, your users can bank at their leisure no matter where they are— without being tied to a computer. Using our mTeller solution, your financial institution will be able to stay on the move with your fast-paced users—as well as outdistance your competitors.

Advanced Features for Gen Y, Intuitive and Friendly for New Mobile Users
Study after study indicates that Generation Y will continue to lead the growth in use of the mobile banking channel, since they are attached to their mobile devices and smart phones 24 hours a day for nearly every facet of their lives—social, business, information, banking, shopping and more. That’s why our system offers advanced capabilities for users that are savvy online consumers. By the same token, we provide capabilities and features that make brand new users to mobile banking much more comfortable and confident, particularly when it comes to protecting their personal data, an issue of great importance to those users who tend to adopt new technology more cautiously. With its powerful, secure, yet easy to use features, the mTeller system offers a solution that meets the wide ranging needs of all your users. Highlights of the system include:

Platform Independent

Unlike other mobile banking solutions, our network- and device-independent browser-based technology means your users can use any phone and any carrier. Additionally, there is no downloading of any special software so they can begin using the system immediately.

Browser Adjusts to Each Device

To ensure the most attractive and easy to read experience on a user’s mobile device, we provide a distinct URL address. This ensures that the information on screen is adjusted to accommodate their particular phone or PDA configuration. This eliminates the need for shifting from side to side and provides a consistent and easy-to-maneuver browser experience.

Integration with eSuite Solutions

mTeller is fully integrated with our Online Banking and Bill Pay solutions, providing your users with a consistent user experience no matter what channel they choose to access their account information. Additionally, users can use the same access ID and password as they do for Online Banking and Bill Pay.

Full Range of Transactions

mTeller system offers a comprehensive range of available transactions including balance inquiries, inter-account transfers, bill payments, PIN reset and lost card reporting.

Advanced Security Features

With industry-standard SSL encryption, user-chosen mobile IDs and PIN numbers, and even two-factor authentication available as an add-on feature, mTeller system delivers the highest level of security available in the industry.

Online Service Center and Reports (O.S.C.A.R.)

This powerful tool is our service portal where our clients can log in and manage their overall relationship with your eSuite products. O.S.C.A.R. allows your financial institution to perform many high level management functions, such as managing user access , generating key performance and management dashboard reports, serving customers and much more, all from one central location.