Want to increase user loyalty? Attract new users? Appeal to Gen Y and the Net Generation who do nearly everything online? Provide a means for the socially conscious to “go green” by eliminating paper waste? If so, then you have to offer the type of services people want in today’s digital World… like our Online Banking product called iTeller.

Part of our eSuite Online Banking lets your users safely and securely access their account information and manage their finances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from wherever they have access to the Internet.

Sophisticated, yet easy use, iTeller goes well beyond the basics. With its powerful capabilities, We deliver that “wow” factor your financial institution needs to offer your users innovative, on-the-move features and services that rival those of much larger banks and other financial institutions.

And, your institution will reap the benefits as well.  iTeller delivers a full range of marketing and promotional capabilities, added security features and much more to enable you to fully serve your users while maximizing every business opportunity.



Highlights of the system include:

Customizable Interfaces

This feature enables users to express their personality and create a Facebook type feel if they choose. Your users can customize such things as their background images, themes, fonts and more to express their unique style and preferences.  The iTeller solution is designed to let every user have the online experience they choose, from the first time online banking user who just needs a simple interface and larger type for easier reading, to the most tech-savvy Gen Y user who knows how to maneuver in the online world.

Innovative Security Features

Two Factor Authentication coupled with a customizable interface also offers a clever layer of added security against illegal phishing schemes. Since that person’s customized elements would be unique solely to that user, any attempts to lure a user to a fake site in an attempt to garner private account or personal information would be much more obvious. When combined with the advanced security features we already built into iTeller, we can deliver your users something vitally important to them in today’s digital world – peace of mind.

Marketing and Branding Opportunities

Developed to empower your financial institution to optimize user interaction, the system enables you to create and post rotating marketing messages and images to the login page so you can explain a new service, as well as run a banner advertisement or make a special announcement at any point within the online banking area. It’s never been easier to stay connected to your users, strengthen your brand, or cross-sell new products and services.


Our online virtual safe deposit box is one of our clients’ favorite features. It provides your financial institution users with a way to securely store their critical documents such as wills, deeds and birth certificates without fear of losing or exposing vital data. Additionally, documents in electronic form can be accessed from anywhere in the world, such as a copy of a passport when traveling abroad for example. Housed on our servers with redundant backup, eSafe is supremely secure, while being immediately accessible to your users. And if your users don’t have the ability to scan their documents and convert to a PDF or other format, that’s a fee income opportunity for your financial institution to provide as a service.

eMessage Center

Communicating with users while they are online is easy through our secure eMessage feature. In addition to the convenience for both your users and your user service representatives, information being discussed resides within our hosted system rather than over the Internet, enabling users to talk freely with financial institution staff about their accounts without fear of exposing critical data. Our advanced encryption capabilities add an even higher degree of safety and security.

Personal Finance Manager

Another robust feature of the iTeller system, our Personal Finance Manager provides users a handy budgeting tool to keep track of their expenditures and income. With maximum maneuverability, users can sort their account information by category, type of expense, amount and much more, to take full control over their finances.


With this online application offering, your users can securely and easily apply for loans, credit cards and financial institution account from the comfort of their own homes. You can either create your application from scratch or use one of our templates to add or remove questions and create your custom application. Completed applications can be accessed by your financial institution through our secure client log in area, making it not only convenient but also more secure than sending applications via email.


Through our electronic statement feature, you can deliver up to 12 months of user account statements online, minimizing mail delays and printing and postage costs, while helping users recognize the safety and security of these documents. Our eStatement feature will enable your financial institution to save money, protect the environment and make your operations far more efficient by automating formerly time-intense and costly paper statement production.

Integrated eSuite Solutions

iTeller is fully integrated with our Bill Pay and mTeller solutions, providing your users a consistent experience no matter what channel they choose to access their account information. Additionally, users can use the same access ID and password as they do for our Bill Pay and Mobile Banking systems.

Online Service Center and Reports (O.S.C.A.R.)

This powerful tool is our service portal where our clients can log in and manage their overall relationship. O.S.C.A.R. allows your financial institution to perform many high level management functions, such as managing user access, generating key performance and management dashboard reports, serving users and much more, all from one central location.

In searching for a website/Internet banking solution, this was a perfect fit for our financial institution. Our users love the convenience of 24-hour account access. The friendly and fast service we have received from their team has really made this decision a success.